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Steph's research draws from the emergent cannon for Black Geographies. This cannon is developing with scholars in African American Studies, Political Science, Geography and Urban Sociology. She explore how racial capitalism has shaped power and inequality through both exclusions and enclosures. Racial capitalism requires the dispossession of Black communities and reproduces myths about race that, in turn, help (re)generate political power and wealth at the expense of Black political power and wealth. She uses community driven tactics to interrogate these themes. She hopes to be in conversation with the many ways scholars and activist describe, study and critique the consequences of how societies deal with race and housing.

Research Topics

Political Theory  Anti-Blackness 
Racial Capitalism 

 Black Geographies   Social Movements Political Economy


(In Progress) Jones, Stephanie D. "Moved Out: 3rd Generation Migrants of Oakland"

(Upcoming) Jones, Stephanie D. and Damien M. Sojoyner. 2022. “The Politics of Prison and Reform: Care as a Casualty of Domestic Warfare.” Proposals for a Caring Economy. Wolf-Meyer, Matthew (editor).


Walther, Carol S., Stephanie D. Jones, and Martinez, Rodrigo. “Innumeracy of the Gay and Lesbian Populations. Humanity and Society.


Walther, Carol S., Stephanie D. Jones, Corrine M Wickens, and Rodrigo Martinez. 2021. ““The Numbers are Eye Popping”: Statistical Consciousness as a Discursive Tool to Monitor Same-Sex Demography.” Social Currents:1-15.


Dominguez-Martinez, Rodrigo, Stephanie D. Jones, and Carol S. Walther. 2020. “The Non-Traditional Family.” International Handbook on the Demography of Family. D. Nicole Farris and A. A. J. Bouque (editors).  New York, NY: Springer Publishers.


Jones, Stephanie. 2020. “Cain’t Nobody Live Like This”: Economic Crisis and Urban Change in Oakland California.” In Preserving African American laces: Growing Preservation’s Potential as a Path for Equity-Perspectives of Neighborhood Change. National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Conferences and Invited Talks

“Black Geographies and Ethical Economies” at IAFFE, June 2022, Geneva, Switzerland.


“Rob Them: Competing Ontological Traditions in Geographical Contestations” at UCI Global Forum, November 2021, Irvine, California.


“Black Political Education” at Cal Poly Pomona, November 2020 and 2021, Pomona, California.


“Diversity as Discipline: Decolonizing the Neoliberal University?” for UC Humanities Research Institute, February 2019, Newport Beach, California.


“Fred Hampton and Activism” panel at Association of Black Sociologist, August 2019, New York, New York.


“Innumeracy of Gay and Lesbian Populations” presented at American Sociological Association, August 2019, New York, New York.


“Review of Compulsory: Education and the Dispossession of Youth in a Prison School” presented at American Studies Association, November 2017, Chicago, Illinois.


“The "13th" and Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Examination of State Power through Law: A Discussion with and Lessons from the Work of Millennial Scholars at the University of California, Irvine” presented at Law and Society Association, June 2017, Mexico City. 


“The Effect of #BlackLivesMatter” presented at the Pacific Sociological Association, April 2017, Portland, Oregon. 


“Patterns of Injustice: Police Violence in Segregated Cities” presented at the Pacific Sociological Association, April 2017, Portland, Oregon. 


“The Effect of #BlackLivesMatter” presented at the Southwestern Social Science Association, March 24, 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada.


“Thoughts on Crime and Punishment” presented at the American Society of Criminology Conference, November 18, 2010, San Francisco, California.


“Understanding the Dynamics of Proposition 8 Protest” presented at the American Sociological Association, August 15, 2010, Oakland, California.


“Understanding the Dynamics of Proposition 8 Protest” presented at the Pacific Sociological Conference, April 9, 2010, Oakland, California.

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